Tim Stamp, the owner of Stone Care Services, has been actively involved with the refurbishment and maintenance of all natural stone surfaces since 1996. Maintaining all types of stone floors, vanity/work tops, pool surrounds and external patios, we now have an impressive portfolio of clients in Southern England.

Even with the most stringent maintenance regime, every stone surface will require periodic refurbishment to regain its natural lustre. Stone floors, walls or vanity tops are an investment certainly worth preserving.

It is a fact that stone surfaces do not look after themselves. For them to retain their depth of colour and vibrancy, regular maintenance with the correct materials is essential. Inevitably the damage caused through daily wear and tear means they will gradually lose their original appearance.

The process of restoration is a skilled operation - certainly not a task for the DIY enthusiast. Costly and disruptive replacement of existing stone is often totally unnecessary as the results we can achieve using the correct procedures and chemicals are very impressive.

All types of natural stone including Marble, Limestone, Granite and Terracotta - have become hugely popular in private households within recent years. Their inherent beauty, durability and elegance make them a natural and practical choice to add atmosphere to any home environment.




  Site visits to assess problems.

  Cleaning and sealing.

  Restoration and maintenance.

  Regrinding with diamond abrasives.

  Polishing of surfaces crystallizing,     vitrifying or waxing.

  Stain removal.

  Outdoor power washing.

  Patio cleaning and sealing.

  On-going maintenance advice.



"Maintaining all types of stone floors, vanity/work tops, pool surrounds
and external patios"

  • Stone Care Services
  • Stone Care Services