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For further information about how we can help you or to give you an indication of costs please contact us via email or text - or just call us on any of the numbers above. Please provide us with your contact details and a postcode. Thank you. 






Why Choose Stone Care Services?


•  Deal solely with stone maintenance.

•  Are highly experienced and skilled in our field.

•  Respond to your enquiry speedily.

•  Believe punctuality and reliability are essential for the     success of our business.

•  Carry out site visits to assess problems.

•  Use environmentally safe chemicals.

•  Achieve outstanding results at a reasonable cost.

•  Take pride in the number of referrals we receive.

•  Offer a highly personal service and a free Helpline.

•  Are a professional, family-run business.

Ten reasons for confidently placing the care of your stone surfaces into our hands.